Gase Gase Halwa

Happy Anniversary to my loving Husband :)

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Can't believe its already been one year, time sure flies when you are having fun. I decided to surprise him by making his favourite gase gase halwa. My husband was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed eating it. I got this recipe from my Mother in Law and so it was everything he remembered it to be :) Enjoy :)
1 cup gase gase or khus khus or poppy seeds 
1 1/2 cups sugar 
4 1/2 cups milk  
1/4 cup ghee
3-4 almonds 

1. Rince gase gase and soak in water overnight. 
2. Remove gase gase out of water and put into a mixer. 
3. Add cashews and almonds into mixer and grin into a coarse paste. 
4. Heat a non-stick pot on medium heat and add ground paste, milk and sugar and mix well. 
5. Keep stirring intermittently until mixture reaches almost halwa consistency, add ghee little by little and mix well until done. 
6. Serve Hot !!!


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