Aamras/ Mango Pulp

Growing up in Trinidad we had a mango tree in our house and we couldn't wait for mango season to start to have mango chow or Aam ras that Mom would make or just pick mangoes from the tree and eat them. Vacations back home to India were also filled with enjoying all the different kinds of mangoes. In any form I just love mangoes :). I made Aamras, Puris and Chole for dinner yesterday and it was a perfect combination, especially since my husband loves Aam Ras. This is a simple and extremely delicious dish that you can enjoy with puris, chappatis or just by itself. Its finger licking good :)

2 mangoes
1 cup milk 
1 tbsp sugar (to taste)

1. Wash mangoes and squeeze it with the skin on to loosen the pulp from within. 
2. Peel mangoes and squeeze the pulp into a blender. 
3. Add milk, sugar and cardamom powder and blend together. 
4. When it is mixed well and becomes smooth, taste and add sugar if necessary.
5. Refrigerate Aamras and serve chilled.


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