Oats Dosa

Hello everyone sorry for not posting for a while I was in Bangalore for my brother's wedding. Enjoyed the scrumptious food along with the festivities. While there I discovered that Oats Dosa has become quite popular and I was asked by many to post the recipe as I had tried it out before courtesy Show Me the Curry. Here it is with an addition ... Enjoy :)

Dosa is a major part of a South Indian's diet and has also become a favourite in non south-indian homes. Here is a healthier version to making dosa. Oats is said to help cut cholesterol and will not change the taste of the dosa batter and the dosa comes out crispy. Enjoy this oats dosa with traditional coconut chutney, onion chutney or chutney puddi or even make Oats Masala Dosa :)

1 cup long grain rice or 1 cup Idli rice
1 cup urad dal 
3 cups oats 
1 tsp fenugreek/methi seeds 
1 tsp channa dal
Salt to taste 

1. Soak rice, channa dal and methi in 4 cups of water for eight hours. 
2. Soak urad dal in 4 cups of water for 2 hours. 
3. Soak oats in 2.5 cups of water for 2 hours. 
4. Drain rice and methi and add to mixer with half a cup of water. Grind until it forms a smooth batter.
5. Remove batter into a large bowl (leave enough room for batter to ferment and rise). 
6. Drain water from the urad dal and add into a mixer. Add a quarter cup of water to start with and add more if necessary to form a smooth batter. 
7.Add urad dal batter with the rice batter and mix well.
8. Add oats into mixer and grind to form a coarse batter. 
9. Add ground oats to the rice and urad dal batter and mix well. 
10. Cover batter and leave to ferment for 8 hours. 

1.Mix batter with salt to taste.
2. Put oil in a small bowl and keep ready. Heat the pan.
3. Fold one sheet of paper towel into a wad and dip into the small bowl of oil. Squeeze out the excess and smear the pan with the oil.
4. Fill a ladle with 3/4 of the  oats dosa batt
er and gently pour this batter onto the center of the pan and spread to the outside in a sweeping circular motion.
5. As soon as that is done, drizzle some oil on the batter.
6. When the upper part of the dosa batter looks cooked (no longer soft) turn over and cook for 30 seconds and remove.



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